Sunday, July 17, 2016

English Gown upgrade #2

You might remember when I upgraded my English Gown in this post.  After more research I've learned that cotton trimming on gowns was not pinked.  Pinking was reserved for silk so I decided to redo the sleeve ruffles and trim on my gown.  I ripped off the flounces and trim on the gown and made new ones.

I decided to use the sleeve ruffles from the Larkin & Smith English Gown pattern.  I cut the ruffles a little longer as indicated in the pattern and narrow hemmed them, stitching them on the gown using the techniques described in the pattern.

I cut crosswise strips 2 inches wide for the trim and roll hemmed the long edges.  I pinned the strips over the ruffle stitching in box pleats approximately 1 inch wide.  I didn't measure, just pinning the pleats and adjusting them so they looked even.  I used a prick stitch to stitch the pleats down about 1/4 inch from each edge.

I made the same trimming for the neckline.  I used two full widths of fabric and started at the center front, pleating around to the back.

I was very happy with the outcome of this upgrade--particularly since I know it is now historically accurate!  I wore my gown with my new mitts and tambour embroidered apron to Mt. Vernon on July 4th.

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