Monday, January 18, 2010

So much to do!

I've been collecting hand dyed yarn! Those who know me know that I don't simply buy stash yarn. I buy yarn for a specific purpose. Sometimes I may end up using the yarn for another purpose, but rarely as I demonstrated with my most recent FO which was planned over 2 years ago! Check out the goodies:

On the left we have Malabrigo Twist in Teal Feather. This will be for the Scoop Pullover:

On the right we have Dream in Color Groovy (chunky weight) in November Muse which will be for the Owls Pullover:
Next we have Miss Babs Yowza Watta Skein in Vlad's Red for Sylvar:

Check out the extra goodies that came with the Miss Babs--a sample of sock yarn, a stitch marker and a sample of Soak. I love those freebies!

Last we have Fleece Artist Nyoni in Ivory for Myrtle:

I'm thinking that Myrtle will be good for spring.
My current project is the Birgitte Lace Pullover in Red GGH Soft Kid. The mohair feels nothing like the itchy mohair I remember from the 60's! This stuff is super soft!

On the sewing front--I have boatloads of projects to make. There are three biggies though. One is a gold three quarter length coat with black velvet collar and cuffs. I have to redraft the pattern as I will be using a combination of two patterns to get the style I want.

A friend gave me some gorgeous white mohair blend coating which I intend to use for this:

This summer I want to make this:

I've had this pattern and some incredible 4 ply silk in a cinnamon color for several years. The pattern is out of print and I needed to get a larger size so that I can combine that with the smaller one for the right size. Fortunately I found it on ebay. DH and I will have a formal occasion in August so i figured that summer would be a good time to make this. It is too hectic to make something this involved around Christmas which is when our usual formal functions are!

Those are the big projects on hand. It will be interestsing to see how many of them I actually complete!

Kitty Cam: Greg eagerly waits for someone to start a fire!

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