Sunday, October 4, 2009

Not one. . . not two . . . not three . . .

But four! Four gifts from my Secret Pal! I've been bad about posting my photos but I did thank her personally. She's been really spoiling me! First of all, the second week of school, I got two gifts two days apart:
This one has two skeins of Classic Elite Cotton Bamboo and some Corn Fiber yarn from Kollage. There are also some magnets and a cute guitar charm stitch marker.
This one has some body lotions, scotty dog notes and pad, and Starbucks truffles.

I was particularly excited to see that Classic Elite yarn! I had been looking at the Leaf Lace beret in the Knit 1 magazine which called for that exact yarn in this amount so I cast on!Fortunately I checked Ravelry about this pattern. Everyone said that it was large so I used a size smaller needles for the ribbing. Unfortunately I did not have them in the 16 inch so I had to do Magic Loop. I was quickly reminded why I don't do this technique. I really don't like it and had I remembered that, I would have just used double points. It was only a few rows then I changed to the size indicated in the pattern which I had in 16 inch. I'm almost done with the hat and hope to finish it within the next couple of days.

A couple weeks later I got this:

The stocking my pal knit is actually more blue than in the photo. I thought the wreath kit was really neat. It will make a great portable project since each piece is knit separately.

Finally, last Monday I received the final gift:

She attached little hints to each part of the package. She made the 4 washcloths, included postcards from Nashville which is where she grew up, added a bumper sticker from GA where she now lives and included 2 gorgeous skeins of fingering weight yarn--one from Aurucania and one Fleece Artist.

I've loved everything, Secret Pal--who I now know as Kim! Thank you so much for all your kindness!

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