Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Progressing . . .

In 4 days I've gone from this:

(Friday at 4:00 before the ER--Check the swelling on my right foot)

To this:

To this:

I guess I will have to be only one-half shoe queen for a while. If I were Ems I would have already glitzed up the boot with glitter and paint!

Fortunately I still have this for comfort:

Greg hasn't left my side!

Tomorrow--last day of school!


  1. Owww! And it's your right foot, too - can you drive, or not really? I had broken my left foot, so I could still drive, but the right would be worse. I had one of those goofy half-shoe things that shift your weight to a different part of your foot, except mine was the color of a band-aid and really hideous!

  2. V- Just getting back in the swing of checking out blogs...so sorry to hear about the foot! OUCH! Hope you have a speedy recovery. Miss you!