Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What comes down, must go up!

. . . to paraphrase an old saying. Of course I am referring to the stock market. I've been glued to the news these last few days. When I heard the name "AIG" mentioned, I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. As luck would have it, I have an annuity account with them. I've been contributing to it for about 25 years. Should something happen to that account, then retirement will be a figment of my imagination as it will be way out of my reach. There is simply no way that I can support 2 people on my Maryland State Pension--which until last year was ranked 50th in the country. How could we have gotten into this situation? McCain's answer is to form a commission to study the situation. Excuse me? This is a crisis situation which requires action NOW! Commissions are for looking at avoiding problems in the future--not for solving them now. I sincerely hope the electorate starts to see the connection between the administration of the last 8 years and the current economic crisis. Funny thing about lifting regulations on businesses. People get greedy and do whatever the hell they want. Anyone who thinks that business will just regulate themselves, is just completely out of touch. That would be like me throwing out all the rules in my classroom under the guise that the kids will just police themselves and do what's right. Huh? Is anybody home?

Enough negative talk. This week has been pretty productive. I finished the back bodice of my Surplice Camisole. No photos as it is really nothing to look at yet. I also finished my jacket. I have a special talent for making projects more difficult than they need to be. I'm not complaining as I end up much more pleased with the end result. I'm very happy with this jacket. It is a little tight, but since I am losing weight, it will be perfect when I lose a couple more pounds. I can just wear it unbuttoned until then.

Here are the details:
Pattern: McCall's 5717
Size: 10 - 12
Fabric: Polyester Brocade from Joann's, China Silk lining
Modifications: none to the pattern. Bound buttonholes were used in lieu of machine stitched buttonholes.
Buttons: Dichroic Czech glass

I love the collar. The upper collar has pleats which make it sort of puffy. I also like the lower sleeve which has pleats in lieu of gathers. The pockets are functional not just decorative flaps. I was particularly pleased with the bound buttonholes. I will be posting a tutorial for how to make them when I get the chance to type it up. Here are the photos of the jacket:

Now I'm planning my next sewing projects. These will be sewn from stash fabric. Several years ago my friend gave me this cotton with tiny embroidered daisies:

I'm hoping that there is enough fabric to make View D (the pink one) of this pattern:

The problem is that the fabric is only 36 inches wide. I may have to make some modifications. The first would be to make the lower neckline then possibly shorten the sleeves to elbow length. I'll lay out the pieces and see.

The other project in the planning stage involves this piece of rayon that I bought some years ago:

It is difficult to capture this fabric in a photo. It has an iridescent quality to it. Depending on how the light hits it, it can look bluish purple or gold. It is very drapey and it should be perfect for this dress:

It's been a long time since I've made a Folkwear pattern. I will have to measure like crazy. I also have to remember that they use 1/2 inch seam allowances which I've never understood. I have an issue with pattern companies not following the industry standard of 5/8 inch for woven fabrics. I still love this pattern. It is similar to a vintage 30's dress that I have which no longer fits.
I also picked up this New Look pattern at Joann's:

I love knit tops like this for work since I wear jeans most of the year so I'll have to search through my stash to see if I have a suitable knit for this. If not, then a trip to G Street will be in order. I need to plug away at my knitting for the rest of the week though. I want to get the Surplice Camisole finished so that I can begin one of my winter projects. I'm thinking that I will do the Opulent Raglan first. I have ordered the yarn for the Silken Scabbard and I'm hoping to order the yarn for the Dirndl Raglan as well. I must prefer knitting winter sweaters--particularly top down ones!

These next couple of weeks are somewhat busy with hockey meetings and back to school night!

Bushism of the day:
"More than two decades later, it is hard to imagine the Revolutionary War coming out any other way." --George W. Bush, Martinsburg, W. Va., July 4, 2007

Kitty cam: Meet Chelsea (on the left). She was a little stray that Ems took in last week. Mokey seems to love her as you can see!


  1. AAwww that is just a sweet picture of the 2 kitties!!

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes OK with the AIG situation for you. I agree, commissions and studies are not what we need right now. LOVE the jacket - wow, is that gorgeous! Very sexy. We like all the same knitting (and sewing) patterns - Opulent Raglan is next up on my list, I think.

  3. Oh my God, Vicki....the coat is STUNNING! Took my breath away when I got to the pictures. I even called Bob into the room to see it! As I have said before, you are an extremely talented artist.
    Take care and hope to see you soon. Maybe the guys will let us girls crash one of their get togethers someday!