Saturday, August 2, 2008

Home again!

This is a brief post. I got home Monday 7/28 in the evening. I have photos from Boston and other stuff to share which I will do over the week. DH flew in to Providence last Friday and we spent the weekend doing some sightseeing before heading home on Monday. Boston is the one place that I am always sad to leave. It's weird. I only visited MA once as a small child and I started going there 7 years ago to do research. For whatever reason, I feel like I belong there. If I could pick up my life--family, job etc.--and move it there, I would. The thing that strikes me odd though is that I am still a Marylander--specifically one from the DC suburbs. Even if we ended up in Boston after retirement, I could never say that I am a Bostonian. Those words just cannot pass my lips. I find the same to be true about my current place of residence. We live closer to Baltimore, but when people ask, I tell them I'm from DC. It's where I grew up and it is a major part of who I am.

I am always very pensive when roaming around Boston. There's something sobering about roaming the places where our American Independence was born. I often wonder what our founding fathers would have to say about the current political climate in our country and our current administration. I found a quote from Ben Franklin that said:"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." How do you think Ben would feel about the Patriot Act?

My family research resulted in more puzzles to be solved so I am heading to DC to work in the DAR library today. I leave you with some photos from the Granary Burying Ground, one of the first stops on the Freedom trail. I always take a stroll through it to visit some old friends.

The cememtary is wedged between a church and several apartment buildings across the street from Boston Common.

Boston Massacre victims:
John Hancock:
Paul Revere:
Samuel Adams:
Ben Franklin's Parents:
And I cannot forget Mother Goose!

Bushism of the Day:
"I will not withdraw, even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me." --George W. Bush, talking to key Republicans about Iraq, as quoted by Bob Woodward

Kitty Cam: Harley does the cow in the sun!

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