Monday, November 12, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge: What I Wear, Week 3

I can see clearly now. . .

my specs are on--to paraphrase that song from the 70's. They say that the eyes are the first thing to go. It's true. I've never "needed" glasses. I've only worn them periodically. I was horrified, after turning 50, to find that I could no longer read stuff I was used to reading on a regular basis. I bought some drug store reading glasses which were fine until I looked in the mirror. I realized that I looked like Miss Warren, my elementary school principal. I remember shuddering in fear whenever I saw her peering over the top of her glasses which sat on the end of her nose. I took corrective measures immediately and got myself some stylin' specs! These have progressive lenses which are clear on top, so I can keep them on if I need to. Now, I can read music and entertain my little darlings all day long! No longer can I blame my missed notes on poor eyesight!

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  1. yay for other girls in glasses!

  2. I know just what you mean about most available reading glasses! I've still not made it for "real" glasses, but its just got to happen, and progressive lenses seem like the way to go. I hate (HATE!) the half-glasses look! And I don't want to have to remove them to have a conversation, either. Thanks for being an inspiration!

    -your pal

  3. Your glasses are cute on you - much better than the half-glasses look. I've had poor vision my whole life, and usually wear contacts. If I had to wear glasses all the time, I would definitely get the Lasik surgery. Now I heard that it doesn't really make sense to get Lasik anyway at my age (35) as soon I will need reading glasses anyway and at this point Lasik doesn't correct that. Oh, the humanity!

  4. Very nice! Oh and the bush post really bummed me out-there really are that many days left?